Breast Augmentation
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Breast augmentation: One size does not fit all

Breast augmentation is a very personal decision, and not one to be made lightly. It is a surgical procedure, so it is not without the possibility of complications (though they are rare).

Timing, the desired cup size and the type of implant are just a few of the considerations.

Augmentation for girls under the age of 18 has become more popular. However, implants don’t last a lifetime so additional operations will be necessary.

It is best to wait until the girl is legally able to make the decision herself. These operations will change things for a LIFETIME.

Consider your future family planning because breast surgery, including augmentation, can eliminate your ability to breastfeed. This is more common after a reduction, but has been known to occur with augmentation.

Also, in a perfect world, your weight would be stable before undergoing any type of breast surgery.

It is important that my patients analyze the question of their ideal cup size, and consider that breasts change with age, gravity and each pregnancy. I provide patients with implants to help them truly see how they’ll look at various cup sizes.

Talk with your plastic surgeon about the options: saline vs. gel; round vs. anatomic (tear drop); moderate vs. moderate plus vs. high profile.

Yes, thanks to advancements in technology and medical testing. The most common complications are a result of anesthesia, medication or blood clotting, which is why it’s important to be open and honest about your medical history with your physician.

Recovery is generally 2 to 4 weeks, but recovery varies by patient.