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Breast Reconstruction in Visalia, CA

A step toward feeling whole again

Breast reconstruction following a mastectomy can be a very important part of a woman’s recovery from breast cancer. It is a very personal decision, and there are several options, so I take time with my patients to help them make the decision that is right for them. Click here for a look at the four primary surgical options.

Is the procedure done along with the mastectomy?

The procedure can be done immediately (at the time of the mastectomy) or delayed until you have completely recovered from the operation and chemotherapy or radiation.

Whether you have had radiation, or if radiation is likely, is a key piece of information for the surgeon because radiation affects human tissue and may adversely affect the surgical options available.

How long is the recovery?

Recovery depends on the path chosen but can be 2 to 6 weeks.

Is the surgery covered by insurance?

Yes. Insurers are required to cover post-mastectomy reconstruction under the Women’s Health Act of 1998.

3D Nipple Tattoos

*Information is courtesy of Mayo Clinic

A 3D tattoo uses pigments to replicate the areola on a woman's reconstructed breast. It uses light and dark pigments to create a 3D illusion and make it appear that the woman has an areola and nipple after they have been removed during surgery. The pigments are color-matched to each patient, and the goal is to restore the natural appearance of the breast.

Meet The Artist

Heather Spring has been working in the permanent makeup industry since 2019. She began her career in microblading and then progressed to tattoo work, such as permanent eyeliner and lipstick. These new ventures sparked Heather's interest in paramedical tattooing and she began working with breast cancer survivors, reconstructing areolas with 3D tattooing.

As a U.S. Army veteran and small business owner, Heather takes great pride in giving back to her community. She feels honored to work alongside Dr. Lechtman to provide this service to women in our community.

Heather Spring, BSB

  • CEO Symmetry PMU
  • Owner Operator of Science of Symmetry PMU Training
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